German International Championships

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Entrant's Details and Declaration

Conditions of the competitions

» 79th German Int. Ladies Championship - Hamburger GC (16.05.2019)

» 6th German Int. Senior Championship - GC Hubbelrath (05.07.2019)

» 6th German Int. Senior Ladies Championship - GC Hubbelrath (05.07.2019)

» 80th German Int. Championship - GC Mülheim (25.07.2019)

» 3rd German Int. Disabled Championship - Baden Hills u. Curling Club (07.09.2019)

I agree to the Championship Conditions, conform, in every respect, with the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by R&A Rules Limited and I declare that the handicap specified is my playing handicap at the date of entry.


I hereby certify that the entrant's handicap conforms with the current EGA Handicapping System or Standard Scratch Score and Handicapping Scheme of the Council of National Golf Unions or similar official handicapping system adopted in the country from which the competitor has entered and that, to the best of my knowledge, the entrant is an amateur golfer in accordance with the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by R&A Rules Limited.
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